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Menswear communities are calling too-trendy shoes memes - The Verge

lol can u believe this guy played tennis? (Not to be confused with Meme Clothing -qua-Meme Clothing, or mme. clothing .) An abbreviated list of items that qualify as memes, ranked in no particular order: Nike x J Crew Killshots (aka the Memeshot 2s ), which, according to noted male style blog GQ , rose to prominence after an appearance on Master of None: Adidas Stan Meme Smiths , which youve certainly seen on any dude who might be described as well-dressed: Clarks desert boots , which became a thing because theyre the easiest way to surgically upgrade your style: The Common Projects Achilles lows , the widely coveted $400 leather sneakers designed by minimalist fashion bros Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami: And the Canada Goose parka, favored by Swiss Alps-frequenting ski bunnies: You could also add the classic wheat Timbs to the list, along with LL Beans duck boots and any German Army Trainer -style sneaker. (Meet the new meme shoe / same as the old meme shoe, as one deleted account had it.) Its a tautology, but memes are popular objects, which explains why objects can become memes when theyre popular. When theres a critical consensus that an item of clothing is Good, it crosses the line into memedom. Thats different from online memes, which dont have to be good to be everywhere. (And, it should be said, the items of clothing that directly reference online memes are Bad and should not be purchased at all. Internet humor cant save you.) The funniest thing about all this isnt that most of the memewear is footwear, although thats probably because shoes are easier to buy than any other piece of clothing; its that there doesnt seem to be a female equivalent whatsoever. I mean, seriously, look at this !

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